Stay away from John Henkel

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Any positive comment in this feed is from family and friends.This guy is for sure a scam and breeds the worst dogs out there - his awards are from paid off judges that stay at his home when they come to visit from Germany.

He's in it soley for the money and breeds sick dogs with known diseases and does not care - the Kennel association should take action - those that really know him and his business - know to stay as far away as possible - there are many reputable German Shepherd breeders - Wilhendorf - John Henkel IS NOT ONE TO GO TO - STAY AS FAR AWAY AS POSSIBLE!!!!!We have a very sick dog of his and he won't even acknowledge the condition

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Newtown, Connecticut, United States #783676

Can't believe this guy is still in business - he should be shut down for all the sick dogs and the continued breeding

Closter, New Jersey, United States #678085

I bought a dog from him 4 months ago---I returned it to John as its stool has never been normal. He denied it.

Then I took the dog for a complete physical at a large animal hospital and they immediately found a heart arrhythmia and abnormal EKG John denied it saying the heart was normal. I said John you are nor cardiologist.

Then, in an email I could show you, he wrote he was "North America's greatest authority on GSD" At this point I realized he was nuts.

I have spent over $3,000 in Vet bills yet he refuses to exchange the dog.


Amazing to read all the complaints - sick dogs?over many years?

Can any of this be reported to the Kennel Association?

How can this looser keep breeding dogs that carry serious health issues.Close this guy down!

Sherman, Connecticut, United States #579975

Agree - this guy is a crook and a narcissist - anything to put him in the spotlight...stay away is the best advice

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